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Psstt, Something Is Broken


We live in an age where marketing, sales and CRM activities are perceived noisy, intrusive and irrelevant. The consequence is clear: high customer acquisition cost and high churn rates.

How To Fix It?
Win Lifetime Customers With JourneyXP

JourneyXP is an application agnostic customer journey management platform. Our technology glues marketing, sales and CRM applications together empowering businesses to build end-to-end journeys across any application stack. Start attracting, winning and retaining lifetime customers. Customers for life.

What It Means For


What Activities Deliver
High Value Customers?

Leads are generated through your activities. That’s fine. Sales still complain about volume and quality. Some things never change. Your real problem though is that you don’t know what channels deliver high value customers. 20% of your customer represent 80% of your total revenue. How do you grow the 20% to 30%?

JourneyXP tells you where to find and how to attract high value

What about Sales


What’s Your Take On
Increasing Conversion?

Your goal is to reach a 15% conversion rate from leads to customers. Of course your own plan is to reach 18% Winners will be winners. But that still means 82% of your leads do not convert to customers. Have you considered that’s an outrageous amount? Well, your sales can’t improve on it’s own. JourneyXP increases your conversion rate with predictive and automated sales flows.

What about CRM


Do You Really Know
Your Customers?

You might be really good at customer relations. The fact is that sales call more than 10% of your existing customers and try to sell them something that they already have. God knows who else they call. You need to be able to qualify and segment leads and customer real-time.

What about everybody together


Stop talking. Start acting.

You talk and talk and talk about the end to end customer journey. But do you ever get down to action or do you still live in separate silos? Set aside the differences and start building truly valuable customer journeys.

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