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"JourneyXP has enabled us to focus 100% of our time on relevant customer activities."

Damion, Agency owner. Request reference


Prioritizing the many business opportunities served to us by Allstate across its many different systems required daily attention by everyone in my agency. This takes time away from where it should be spent: with the customers.


Automated collection and processing of customer opportunity information and background data based on simple excel-based rule sets managed by me with concrete action tasks delivered directly to everyone's mailbox.


We have increased productivity by more than 25% and never miss an important customer opportunity anymore. At the same time both my staff and the customers get direct benefit of us being both more knowledgeable and responsive.

Meet Anders

Anders helps organizations explore opportunities, find ways to solve complex problems, and define best practice business cases using JourneyXP’s capabilities.

Anders, Commercial Excellence. Talk to Anders.

Meet Anders