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"JourneyXP enabled us to systematically target high potential business customers and partners for accelerated growth."

Mike Pedersen, Sales director. Request reference


Our customers and partners are served under so many different synonyms that we loose track of who are the important ones, where to focus our dialogue, and how we can best service each one through our network of independent drivers.


Real time mapping of all trip activity to 40.000 key customers based on discrete keys dynamically defined by the sales staff. Data from multiple systems are captured and presented fully enriched in the CRM system.


Our custom insight is 100% up to date 100% of the time allowing us to systematically engage with each one when required. Furthermore we instantly identify new high potential customers and customers with declining activity levels enabling us to accelerate our growth further.

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Anders helps organizations explore opportunities, find ways to solve complex problems, and define best practice business cases using JourneyXP’s capabilities.

Anders, Commercial Excellence. Talk to Anders.

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