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"JourneyXP is pivotal to us being able to meet our sales and retention targets."

Carsten Lund Hansen, CCO. Request reference


We’re running a high velocity outbound telesales activity in a relatively low interest industry, so we need to be able to identify and prioritize the highest value customers. Furthermore, we need to maximize the value we can bring to secure them as customers.


Apply real time customer scoring based on intelligent algorithms and prioritizing the highest scoring in separate campaigns. Following successful dialogue JourneyXP directly processes the customer to our onboarding program. Those who drop out are automatically picked up in relevant email flows.


High priority leads convert 3.7x higher the average lead. Structured onboarding significantly impacts our topline, increases NPS and ties customers closer to our company. Those who drop off are picked up so efficiently that more than 10% reach back to us to reopen the dialogue.

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Anders helps organizations explore opportunities, find ways to solve complex problems, and define best practice business cases using JourneyXP’s capabilities.

Anders, Commercial Excellence. Talk to Anders.

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