Terms of Use

Using JourneyXP, I declare that:

1. I consent to the Terms set out in JourneyXP’s Data Processing Addendum found on https://journeyxp.com/dpa;

2. When using JourneyXP’s products and services for personal data I will comply with the GDPR regulations as specified in the General Data Protection Regulation issued by the European Parliament (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016;

3. I can provide explicit evidence for my legal right to store and process all personal information I am processing and storing on JourneyXP’s products and services;

4. I am solely responsible for the accurate treatment of personal information on JourneyXP’s products and services including any use subsequent to processing on JourneyXP’s products and services; and

5. I am aware that a violation of the Terms will result in my access to JourneyXP’s products and services being suspended or terminated without further notice.



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